Which #retro fitness – trends do you remember?

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bullworker advert

Which #retro fitness – trends do you remember?

bullworker advert

Nice Speedos Mate !










We laugh at some fitness trends – remember the Bullworker, or Slendertone.

Nice Speedos mate !

Which retro fitness trends can you remember?

We may laugh, but some of the theory behind them is still relevant today.

What about that Bullworker !  Believe it or not – it’s still a great selling product today – not that I’m here to promote it, but some of the theory is still relevant such as Isometric and Isotonic exercises, although we may rename them and refine them – static contraction or dynamic concentric exercises.

Anyway, what brought on to this subject was last night.  We were watching a program on the Sixties – my daughter is doing a 60s fashon project at school, so it was interesting to see the hair styles, clothes, music etc.  During the drama one of the actors picked up a milk bottle from a doorstep and started drinking it.  My daughter asked ‘what’s that he’s drinking from?’

What was that again?  She’s never seen a milk bottle !.  OMG, stuff we take for granted some kids today have never seen or experienced.  This made me chuckle, I also started thinking about other retro stuff, not just clothes and music.

I remembered being a skinny teenager and buying a Bullworker to ‘get fit’

Ok, so I was never a skinny teenager – I was a fat kid and I hated it – but that’s another story.

The point is, I was trying to do something to improve my body – I think it had something to do with discovering girls – but I was ignorant about ‘getting fit’.

Over the next few years I tried everything available, except Slendertone – hmmm …             Power plates anyone!.

I guess I fell for the hype and marketing, rather than educating myself about fitness and nutirition.  Now there’s a new word for a pre-school leaver teenager living in the 1980 consumer heaven of TV ready meals, fizzy drinks and takeaway food.

So time moves on, I officially left school having spent most of my last year skipping school and working cash jobs, still living life as a fat kid.  I got a job as a builders labourer and started a fitness routine to get fit to join the army.

Forget the hype, the bullworker was resigned to the closet, along with the ab bench and all the other junk I’d bought (we didn’t have ebay then – I think my mum still has them in her loft :)).  this was a ‘proper workout’ involving cardio and resistance training.                                                    The weight dropped off, I ‘got fit’, I was no longer that fat kid that everyone ignored – I even started dating some of the girls I’d been to school with, who couldn’t believe the change in me.

I still research and buy and test out fitness products today.  I have a wonderful library on nutrition, anatomy, psyiology and health sciences, plus some fantastic exercise programs that help to ‘keep me fit’.

I’m also married to a gorgeous personal trainer and bootcamp instructor, Noreen, whose knowledge on nutrition is amazing – Pity, because I really love chocolate and she always hides it or lovingly reminds me I shouldn’t be eating it.

What’s the alternative? I’m planning a trip to my mum’s loft to find that Bullworker.

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