Noreen Hall

Noreen Hall

Certified Fitness Professional

Noreen is a highly qualified, competent and enthusiastic fitness professional and personal trainer with a proven ability to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Possessing a successful track record, she has a demonstrable ability for evaluating a client’s physical fitness, understanding their needs and then developing a practical and achievable workout routine and nutritional program for them to reach their targets.

Combining excellent knowledge and communication skills with her infectious personality, Noreen is readily able to gain the trust of clients and understand their objectives for a healthier lifestyle and body transformation.

Noreen has an ambition to transform people’s lives through nutritional education and physical fitness motivation with targeted training plans.

Group Training

Noreen has a passion for delivering fantastic training experiences, particularly group training – have you ever been to a class where it feels as though the instructor is making it up as they go ?  Or the music tempo doesn’t match the activity ?

No excuses ! It’s all about the planning, the practice, the delivery and ultimately the personality of your instructor.

Combine this with world class group training programs such as the LES MILLS™ programs and you get the very best group workout experience.

Noreen is a world qualified LES MILLS™ Instructor – her favourite classes are GRIT™ & BODYPUMP™


Noreen is one of a community of like-minded people across the world; delivering inspiration, energy and good health. She is the personality behind and wants to work with you to find the ideal workout and nutrition program for you, to achieve results and build a fitter planet.

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