Fast Food Almost Killed Me

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Man holding burger

Fast Food Almost Killed Me

It’s true. #FastFoodNightmare

Man holding burger

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Last Friday my day’s schedule went haywire.  I’d not prepared a lunch as I was planing a lunchtime workout, followed by a meal at the gym.

A last minute client appointment was added to my workout so I had to scratch the workout and was left without any lunch.

What to do?  Now, anyone who knows me will know that I get cranky when I don’t eat.  That’s why I like to plan my meals and usually have fruit or snacks with me if my schedule gets thrown out.

Anyway, I was passing a corporate fast food joint and decided to pop in for a chicken burger.   OK, I resisted the fries, coke and other sweet stuff, choosing to stick to a basic chicken burger in a bun.

As I ordered a glass light fitting fell from the ceiling hit the counter and smashed into pieces on the floor a few inches away from me.  Apart from picking pieces of glass out of my shoes and pockets, I was fine.  Luckily the 3 small kids next to me in line were shielded form the spread of the glass.

I saw the funny side of it, although the manager could have offered me a free meal to make up for the shock.  I couldn’t help thinking that this was either divine intervention or my wife setting of a booby trap to stop me eating fast food.

This got me thinking what was the nutritional value of my food choice, so I spoke to my better half, Noreen, who is the font of wisdom for all things nutrition.

So, the typical recommended macro-nutrient breakdown is 15% Protein, 60% Carbohydrates and 30% Fat.  Now, without getting into the science of the different types of carbs and fats, we’ll keep this simple.

Let’s assume my calorie intake for the day is 2500 this would mean that this chicken burger at 550 cals would account for approx 22% of my total calorie intake.  Hmm, maybe I could have had fries after all – oh wait, I forgot about the macro-nutrient ratio.

The following is a extract from the fast food outlet’s nutrition calculator.

Chicken Burger Nutritional Value Table

Source :







So what did I learn from this episode?

1.  Someone is watching over me – saving my bacon and just maybe checking out what I eat.

2.  Always plan ahead for your meals and carry healthy snacks or fruit in case you can’t get a scheduled meal.

3. My food choice wasn’t too bad compared with the quarter pounder burger which topped out at 1300 cals – almost half my daily intake !


Have you got any funny or nightmare fast food related stories? #FastFoodNightmare

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