Does Chicken Curry Cause Back Pain?

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Does Chicken Curry Cause Back Pain?

Oh no – not another chicken and egg story.


Yup.  I met an associate at the gym last week and commented that I’d not seen him around for a while, wondering if he’d been on holiday.  He replied that he’d been off for a month due to back and leg pain and was seeing the doctor for sciatica.

Anyway, I bumped into him again this week and he was right as rain, walking tall and working out.  That was some recovery I told him – what was his secret.

Chikungunya he replied.   What’s that? Some sort of curry? I asked.

When he stopped laughing he explained that he went to see a chiropractor for the pain who couldn’t find anything physically wrong and asked if he’d been anywhere exotic.

I’m not sure that spearmint rhino counts as exotic, but anyway, he had been to Ghana on a business trip before he got the back pain.

Long story cut short, the chiropractor knew that some joint pain can be caused by a viral infection and the symptoms were similar to those of the of viral infections caused by  disease-carrying mosquitoes – which is called Chikungunya.

Once he had received the correct medication he was well on the road to recovery.

I am always amazed at the knowledge out there from all the health industry professionals.

It just goes to prove that it’s always worth seeking a second opinion when you are suffering from back pain and need to get back on the road to fitness.

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  1. Lynn Nicholls - June 15, 2013 8:11 am

    Hia do you do boit camp every day and do you do half says for thosecwho cant get time off


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