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How to drop your fat percentage to under 9%

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Chesterfield Bootcamp – New Summer Schedule for 2013

Hi, so I guess you’ve already seen the following post on Chesterfield Boot camp’s main site. >>>>> Chesterfield Bootcamp – New Summer Schedule for 2013 Bad news about Cat (get well soon) But the show must go on – so no excuses for not continuing with your summer fitness journey.[…]

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Does Chicken Curry Cause Back Pain?

Oh no – not another chicken and egg story. Yup.  I met an associate at the gym last week and commented that I’d not seen him around for a while, wondering if he’d been on holiday.  He replied that he’d been off for a month due to back and leg[…]

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Man holding burger

Fast Food Almost Killed Me

It’s true. #FastFoodNightmare Last Friday my day’s schedule went haywire.  I’d not prepared a lunch as I was planing a lunchtime workout, followed by a meal at the gym. A last minute client appointment was added to my workout so I had to scratch the workout and was left without any[…]

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Formula For Fat Loss Newsletter 2 October 2012

Hi all, link to our latest newsletter Here >>> This weeks articles include; Optimal Exercise Time for Every Age Group plus a delicious recipe for Herb Chicken, Arugula and Mango Salad Feel free to subscribe for your complimentary weekly copy. Each week we will provide you with professionally written[…]

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Fitness Formula Magazine – October 2012

Each month Formula For Fat Loss’  Fitness Formula Magazine showcases the latest news on health and fitness, with fresh fitness and wellness articles, new healthy recipes, exercise videos and the latest blog articles. Follow this link for instant access >>>>   LIKE / SHARE / PIN / TWEET etc[…]

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Get rid of unhealth food to lose weight

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Raid

Want faster weight loss? Then do a self-guided kitchen raid. If your kitchen is stocked with the makings for healthy meals and snacks you’ll easily stay on track, even when those late-night cravings strike. So what should you keep on hand and what should be banned? Use this self-guided kitchen[…]

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bullworker advert

Which #retro fitness – trends do you remember?

                  We laugh at some fitness trends – remember the Bullworker, or Slendertone. Nice Speedos mate ! Which retro fitness trends can you remember? We may laugh, but some of the theory behind them is still relevant today. What about that Bullworker[…]

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Chris Lopez Picture

Which Exercise Is Better Than Chin-Ups‏?

I was interviewing a kettlebell trainer friend of mine last Thursday (Chris Lopez). He and I both agree that what’s lacking with a lot of common kettlebell training programs these days is the absence of a true “upper body pulling” exercise.  An exercise that focuses on using the muscles of[…]

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