#1 secret to getting boot camp clients and referrals

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#1 secret to getting boot camp clients and referrals

This is one for all Bootcamp Trainers !

What if you could double your membership numbers in 4 weeks by doing one simple tweak to your current boot camp sessions?


Would you want to know what this one secret is?

Well, this one secret has helped my friend Brian Kalakay add an additional 41 people to his boot camp program in just 4 weeks…

Best of all, the way he got this new clients didn’t cost him anything.

Here’s how he did it:

Discover “Boot Camp Games”, which are literally “tacked on” at the end of your current boot camp session and will stir up referrals like a wild fire!

Boot Camp Games:

–       Increase Boot Camp Loyalty

–       Differentiate you from your competitors

–       Add Variety to your current program

–       Generate Referrals

–       Increase Retention

He explains Boot Camp Games here and how you can “blow up” your boot camp business with them…

CLICK HERE => TT Boot Camp Games

Be sure to look at his boot camp session photo that was taken only 4 weeks after his grand opening – it’s crazy to think that by using boot camp games, he doubled his membership in that short period of time.

See the picture here:

=> Brian’s Boot Camp Photo

Your Friend,


P.S. Brian just launched his “Boot Camp Games” program, and he’s got it totally systemized. Click here to learn about it – it’s on sale right now

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